Hair cuts


It starts with a consultation where we consider how the cut can be designed to bring out your best features and the best out of your hair.

Are you looking for an individual and manageable look?

With our precision cutting we achieve a beautiful shape that not only looks good when you leave the salon but also easy to recreate from your home. 

Davines Head Spa

Experience our  salon treatment designed to infuse pure organic essences into your hair and scalp, starting with a massage that best fits your scalp needs, followed by professionally selected hair treatment. Enjoy the Davines Head Spa. Duration 30min

After Color Treatments

Beautiful healthy hair! 

Even if your hair is healthy, with no split ends or visible flaws, a treatment is still necessary from time to time to keep it sparkling and hydrated! 

Suitable for all hair types, these treatments, enriched by a complex of 2 oils (Argan . Roucocu), eliminates impurities while providing nutrition, flexibility, and shine. 

In just a few minutes, the hair fiber is totally regenerated and your hair is left radiant. Best of all, nicely perfumed!

Blow Dry and Styling

After  a relaxing massage of your scalp and neck your hair will be styled like you have never bounced before.The perfect blow-dry or style  requires time and the right technique. Blow-drys can be created with long, mid-length and short hair. Your stylist will help you to choose the best style to fit the occasion.


Composio Keratin Theraphy

Get your hair back ! 

Dull, brittle, dry, and damaged hair? Your hair's keratin, its main component, must be altered or lacking. 

To fix it, here's the solution: Composio Therapy, !

Keratin Therapy is a custom made treatment in Three steps which acts in synergy with the fiber's core and surface to bring out the hair's natural beauty.

It instantly revitalizes dry and sensitive hair while providing for unmatched nutrition and softness, all the while maintaining your hair's lightweight feel.


Highlights is a must-have when it comes to hair colouring. Whether you go for a bold two-tone effect or subtle graduation, these techniques are  designed to lighten your hair strand by strand . Add depth and dimension with carefully placed highlights or low lights ( light color ,darker color) . Strands are woven and are lightened from root to tip. In our salon we take pride in being one of the best salon for highlights  this side of the globe.

Ombre Color

 Your hair is illuminated by a gradation of colors from the darkest at the roots to the lightest at the tips. The lengths are also colored with a tone which is half way between to create an even transition and a natural finish.


Semipermanent or Permanent Colour ?

Semipermanent hair colour gradually fade over time. This option is ideal for those who is looking to add shine and vigour to their color without going to far from their natural one. Brunette,  and rich shades are all possible...this coloration can cover up to 40% gray hair.


Permanent hair colour fade very little, this option is ideal for a 100% coverage of gray.

This type of coloration allows you to go lighter  not matter your own starting color( only if it has been colored black recently it won`t work)

This coloration offer more choice of colors, reds, copper , blondes, rich deep mahogany can all be possible.

Straight keratin Perm

This   straightening is all about keratin. Keratin actually strengthens our hair whilst providing it with added proteins. This treatment can be performed on all different hair types, However, you should always make an appointment to see your qualified stylist for a consultation for an optimum result.

Can be done on blonde hair and depending on how many time the hair is shampoo it can last up to 6 months.

Japanese Straigtening Perm

 Japanese hair straightening (thermal reconditioning) is permanent hair straightening.  That means once you straighten your hair, it’s straight.  It will grow out and then you’ll touch up the roots.   There is no need for hair dryers or flat irons. It’s low maintenance.  

This is not suitable for blonde hair.



Haircut - 
Haircuts include shampoo, blowdry & style​.


Men`s Haircut                   

Haircuts include shampoo, rinse, dry & style​.


Clipper Haircut


Blow Dry


Short Hair

Blow Dry include head massage shampoo, & style​.




Medium Lengh Hair

Blow Dry include head massage shampoo & style​.




Long  Hair

Blow Dry include head masage shampoo & style​.

Hair Up Styles


¥ 8,500



¥ 8,000



¥ 6,000




¥ 4,000





¥ 4,500





¥ 5,500





from ¥ 7,000


¥ 6,000



¥ 5,500





















After Color Treatment                                                  from ¥ 2,000


Scalp Treatment                                                          from ¥ 3,000


FibrePlex Rebonding Tretment                                    from ¥ 3,500


Head Spa ( 30min)                                                      from ¥ 4,500













1/4 head                                   ¥12,000

1/2head                                    ¥14,000

3/4head                                    ¥16,000

Full Head                                  ¥19,000


Virgin Application Long Hair

1/4 Head Foils                           ¥14,000

1/2 Head Foils                           ¥17,000

3/4 Head Foils                           ¥19,000

Full Head Foils                           ¥21,000

Foil Highlights Combined with Tint/ Semi Colors

 Roots Color   + T Section          ¥13,000

 Color + 1/4 Head                       ¥15,000   

 Color +  1/2 Head                      ¥20,000 

 Color+ 3/4 Head                        ¥25,000 

 Color + Full Head                      ¥28,000   

 Toner                                         ¥3,000

High Lift Tint

Roots                                         ¥10,000 

Medium                                      ¥14,000

Long                                           ¥16,000 

Creative Colors

Roots High Lift + Color                ¥15,000

Short Hair  2  times High Lift + Color ¥20,000 

Long Hair  2 times High Lift + Color  ¥30,000



Japanese Straightening perm    ¥ 35,000

Short hair Japanese Straightening Perm ¥25,000

Partial Japanese Straightening   ¥10,000

Curly Perm                                    from ¥8,000

Keratin Straightening 

Short                                             ¥25,000

Medium                                         ¥30,000

Long                                              ¥35,000











Ombre  and Balayage Color                                  From ¥ 10,000 





Color and Semipermanent  Roots Touch up                  ¥10,000

Medium Length                                                              ¥12,000

Long Lenght                                                                   ¥14,000





Complimentary consultations are available for all services.




from 6 to 12 years old¥5,500





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We require 24 hours notice for cancellation of an appointment.